TNT, Debbie Cafazzo, Sunday March 22nd, 2015


TNT, Debbie Cafazzo, Sunday March 22nd, 2015: Lincoln High educators who went public with complaints face more discipline.  Another volley in a battle between three Lincoln High School educators and the Tacoma School District over allegations of student dumping was launched this month when the district issued a second round of suspensions without pay.  Mell says her clients disclosed additional records to her office in response to a verbal order from Larkin that came during a November court proceeding.  During the hearing, according to court documents, Larkin said he couldn’t make a decision without first reviewing documents in private.  In December, Mell provided the court with a DVD of documents from her clients.  She maintains that she’s entitled to see documents her clients share with her as part of the attorney-client privilege.  “If we can’t look at this stuff, I’m going to have a hard time representing these individuals.” Mell said.  Mell said the district is retaliating against her clients for trying to report misconduct by school officials.  “(Peter, McGatlin and Gavigan) care about what they do, and they care about kids,” Mell said.