TNT, Debbie Cafazzo, Tuesday October 7th, 2014


TNT, Debbie Cafazzo, Tuesday October 7th, 2014: Controversy Over Alternative Programs, “Mell believes that a school district suing staff members over documents in this manner is “apparently unprecedented.”  She said the issue over the documents has complicated the due process procedures her clients are entitled to.”

CNN, Michael Martinez and Tom Laabs, September 1, 2012: Washington state teacher placed on leave again in pupil bullying case. “The game escalated out of control.” Mell told CNN.  Referring to teacher Rosi, Mell charged: “He led it, he taught, … he incited it.”

Huffington Post, August 30th, 2012: John Rosi, Washington Middle School Teacher, Led Bullying Incident “Of Epic Proportions,” Family Lawyer Says

Fox News, October 31st, 2012: Parents of boy allegedly bullied at school ask board to fire teacher.  “Classifying it as classroom mismanagement to me is unfair, not only to my son but other kids in this district.” Kinney said.

Law Enforcement:

TNT, Sean Robinson, Friday August 1st, 2014, $118,000 Judge’s reversal means ex-deputy won’t pay fees.  Pierce County prosecutors lost a round this week in a long-running legal battle with a retired sheriff’s deputy seeking to clear his name….Mell said “Detective Ames and I will continue all the way up as needed to make sure the prosecutor is accountable to police officers and their advocates.”

TNT, Sean Robinson, The Case of Four Little Words, Sunday June 22nd, 2014: A bitter fight over child porn evidence pits Pierce County prosecutors against a former detective. “As a police officer I have taken an oath to uphold the law, and to be truthful and honest even when doing so may conflict with the wishes of the Prosecuting Attorney.” Deputy Mike Ames, in a legal declaration.