III Branches Law, PLLC empowers business owners and individuals to be leaders in their chosen profession. The practice provides a full range of advocacy that is client centered, rather than production line service delivery. Few offices approach a situation from a legislative and litigation perspective, mostly because other lawyers have not worked in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.  Joan Mell has that varied experience and the firm uses it to help clients navigate the increasingly bureaucratic landscape where business and professionals have to perform at the risk of adverse consequences.  We can help you avoid adversity and deal with adversity with dignity and respect.


When someone says you can’t because it is against the “law,” and then you think, the “law” doesn’t make any sense, consider changing the law. A lawsuit does not always provide you with the remedy you need to take your business to the next level or get you the benefits you deserve.

We know how to change the law to get you the services, rights, and opportunities you need to be successful.


govgregoire govlocke
Colonel received his pension benefits.
HB 1938
Parents eliminated discriminatory barriers.
SB 5433



Knowledge makes you competitive. Often state and local government has information you can use. We know how to find and access government information useful to regulated professionals, businesses, and individuals. Government is part of our daily lives, and bureaucracies speak a foreign language.

We can interpret so that you get what the government has promised you.


Pull tab equipment meets regulatory requirements. Admin. Proc. Act. Treatment Plant operators help environment. Whistleblower.
Pull tab gaming equipment meets regulatory requirements.
-Admin. Proc. Act
Treatment plant operators help environment.
Whistleblower Action


Cell Phone Editorial Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.59.54 PM
Fighting Public Officials who are hiding public information on private technology.
Public Records Act case to Supreme Court for review
Pursuing regulatory approval of competitive gaming equipment.
Regulatory argument before the Washington State Gambling Commission



When the other side refuses to see your point, a court can make them see your point. We help you tell your story better than your opposition.

We like to remedy the injustices of personal injury, health care malpractice, harassment, discrimination, wrongful discharge, free speech, breach of contract, denial of benefits and rights, defamation, and many others.

Mother stopped workplace harassment. Negotiated Settlement. screen-shot-2015-03-01-at-2-37-27-pm military
Mother stopped workplace harassment.
Negotiated Settlement
Winning jurisdictional argument to reverse unlawful regulatory controls on private gaming manufacturer

Supreme Court argument

Pilot recovered military benefits from the City.
-Federal Court Case